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Paris New Year 2014/2015 Day 2

Day two startede fast, we got up early to see the sun rise over Paris, from the top of Sacré-Cœur where you can see all of Paris. It was nice to see the city from this angle has been up here once before, but that was the night so to see the city while the carriages was something else entirely.
As the sun was up and the picture was taken we slipped down in paris to gp and look at the city, the plan was that we were going down and see the Musée du Louvre, but when we finally arrived at the Louvre so crammed with tourists, so it was hard to get a good picture down there. So we chose to take on sightseeing at Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.
But there were just as many people at Nortre-Dame, a long queue went from main road, went into the church, and this was just to get into.

So we chose to take a break, and look a bit around the place. we saw a lot of pigeons rigth next to Nortre-dame, it was probably one of the funniest thing about this trip, you just need to have som food to attract them, by when you show the food they flew up on people and got the food.
After the long walk round to look at places in paris, we chose to slip back to the hotel and relax. So we could slip out later at night and see servertighederne, when there ware no tourists, and it paid off to go out in the evening alle the spots ware empty and ready to shoot.  

Paris New Year 2014/2015 Day 1

Just landet in paris and we got to the Hotel at 1 pm , so we had just a little of the day to get out and see some sights before the day was over. We saw the things you need to see when you come to Paris, after the small sight seeing we slipped back to the hotel, to plan the next few days in Paris.

‪#‎BLCKSNDSxOlympus‬ on digital prin

This. ‪#‎BLCKSNDSxOlympus‬

This was one of the best trips i have ever had with instagram.

We had Over 1million likes, hundreds of thousands of followers that translated in the real world as setting Olympus in a good position as the go-to camera manufacturer for the mobile photographer in Scandinavia.

Check out the story and the pictures on in the magazin BRILLIANCE on page 27 

BLCKSNDSxOlympus on iceland Day 4

The week is allmoste done, but before we took off from Vik, we went up high very high up on a great ledge, frome here you can see Vik and just the great view of the black beach.  
After the trip high up, we went to the hotel and got us some food before heading towards Reykjavík.

On the way back we visit Seljalandsfoss which is a large water fall, a great site to see if you come to Iceland. After Seljalandsfoss we drove 2 hours out into know where, only to suddenly come up to a active glacier, i have never seen such large pieces of ice before. It was a wild view to see this big thing and how it jet was so big, it's pretty hard to explain how it feels to stand and watch such a thing.

We took off from the glacier, and in to the sun set, and we drove towards Reykjavík, here we got a surprise before we went to the hotel, we had swing by the Blue Lagoon and really get the totally relax feeling of Iceland, in the big warm blue pool with a ice cold beer.

BLCKSNDSxOlympus on iceland Day 3

Day three and we are on the road again, we had up to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, located east of Iceland. Here we made a stop to shoot pictures of the lagoon and the beach whith the big iceberg, the ones on the pic is about 3-4 meters high, after a hour ore two we went down to VIK back to sleep at the hotel there, in the little city Vik (witch is the 3 biggest city on iceland ) is the black beach, an all-black beach where the only thing you see is black and and white sky.

On the way from the lagoon to Vik, we passed a huge landscape without any thing, it's too crazy just to stand and look out at nothing, when you come from the city, and are used to seeing buildings and cars and everything.
so there's a huge turnaround to be nothing, without sound and smog, just silence and fresh air.

You'll miss it when you come to town.

BLCKSNDSxOlympus on iceland Day 2

We had just arrived in Reykjavík, we got some sleet, but when we woke again, the landscape was change, it had snowden during the night.

Then there was the opportunity to get a completely different type of images today, we started the day with a fast photoshoot of the beautiful church in Reykjavík. After the shoot we went to the south east, up the side of Iceland to se the water and the mountains.

Here we got to see a lot of things, from hot springs to the beautiful Icelandic horses, and some of the group members has fallen in love with, it was love at first site :P
The day was almost over and we were heading towards the next hotel, we went just past a very famous aircraft that are far out in nowhere.
But just as we came in on the plane, the northern lights started one hell of a show. I've has never seen anything so beautiful from mother nature side before, this was one of the things I just had to experience on this trip. 

And man it was the best thing, take a look and you know. 

BLCKSNDSxOlympus on iceland Day 1

This trip to the island has been the best thing i have ever tried, i have been on Iceland once before for 2 hours where I waited for a short stop to get to the United States, i just stood in the airport and looked out at the empty landscapes, and thought I just had to get out and experience this. 

But now it was finally time to get up there, and with one sole purpose of shooting a lot of pictures with olympus and KAUAS team, i had an Olympus OM-D E-M1 for the shoot up there, and it's been a cool camera to try in all sorts of weather.

The scheduled for the trip was that we had to drive a 4 cars up the south east side and see what was the thing on the road by.
And approximately 50GB images later I can now show you what it was we were doing up there inn the cold, hope in you will follow along this trip in this series of 5 days

I have beyond these images also images inside my instagram profile, so if you have not been there inside now and see what I'm doing so it worth a look

Sweden tripping

Sorry for the long time between the blog posts, i have been to Iceland (coming up soon)  in the main time and have ben busy whit my all new website But new i am ready again to post pic, and new up is my little trip to sweeden i took with som good friends of mine. 



Berlin a city many have been to before me, it is the city that you get to school, whether it is primary or secondary school. but I've never been one here before, in this huge city, which for me is a mixture of London, Paris and little old russia in a big mix.

Her you see the new building from the west and old buildings from the east. some look good from the outside, others when you get into them have never gotten a hand since they were built.

I had to stay 3 nights at All In Hostel on Grunberger Strasse, very good hostel if you should come by berlin at a time here in Friedrichshain was not so touristy, but you could see its tracks.

I was over these days a trip to tempelhof airport and see the big runway, but otherwise I had nothing I just had to see. I will when I'm out and travel, also see the city as it comes to me.

So here is the firs part of my trip to berlin.


I'm on vacation, and i need to relax. It's just one place I can do what, and it's called "Rømø" and it is located in southern Jutland. it is a small island where the beaches are great and the waves are high. Here we have a summer house from 1700, here is peaceful no stress no traffic, we are far away from the city and it's nice of go down in gear. I do indeed have a lot this summer as I should, so it come down a gear and think proceeded to think. hope you have a nice summer.

New York Day 4

Day 4 in NYC was great, was on the Hard rock Cafe, great food, but i don´t get the hype. hehe

We were op on the balcony of hard rock, cool view over to time square.

"Thai me up"

one of the best meals i got in NY, diden take a pic of the food. (it was gon before i got my cam)

238 E 14th St 

New York




 Cool bikers, i vent back next day to take pic of the, but sadly the ware gone, next thing to do whin i go to NY