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EPSON R-D1s - The World’s First Digital Rangefinder

Just got my hands on a old but cool camera from 2006, a 6 megapixel camera APS-C size CCD. Nothing really wild about the pixel, but the overall feel and how the camera is made just gives it a analog feel and a way of shooting digital what no othere camera can give you.

I want to show some of the cool sides of the camera and see what i can get out of just shooting a basic flash setup with a old canon flash 430ex ii and a canon r with a canon 50mm macro 2.5.

Overall very happy with the result of the camera and how it looks, the first image is a combo of 5 images put togetter i photoshot( i only had one light, so i need to move it to get the angels i need)

For a great review of the camera go down to the bottom of the page. and for spec here