BLCKSNDSxOlympus on iceland Day 1

This trip to the island has been the best thing i have ever tried, i have been on Iceland once before for 2 hours where I waited for a short stop to get to the United States, i just stood in the airport and looked out at the empty landscapes, and thought I just had to get out and experience this. 

But now it was finally time to get up there, and with one sole purpose of shooting a lot of pictures with olympus and KAUAS team, i had an Olympus OM-D E-M1 for the shoot up there, and it's been a cool camera to try in all sorts of weather.

The scheduled for the trip was that we had to drive a 4 cars up the south east side and see what was the thing on the road by.
And approximately 50GB images later I can now show you what it was we were doing up there inn the cold, hope in you will follow along this trip in this series of 5 days

I have beyond these images also images inside my instagram profile, so if you have not been there inside now and see what I'm doing so it worth a look