BLCKSNDSxOlympus on iceland Day 4

The week is allmoste done, but before we took off from Vik, we went up high very high up on a great ledge, frome here you can see Vik and just the great view of the black beach.  
After the trip high up, we went to the hotel and got us some food before heading towards Reykjavík.

On the way back we visit Seljalandsfoss which is a large water fall, a great site to see if you come to Iceland. After Seljalandsfoss we drove 2 hours out into know where, only to suddenly come up to a active glacier, i have never seen such large pieces of ice before. It was a wild view to see this big thing and how it jet was so big, it's pretty hard to explain how it feels to stand and watch such a thing.

We took off from the glacier, and in to the sun set, and we drove towards Reykjavík, here we got a surprise before we went to the hotel, we had swing by the Blue Lagoon and really get the totally relax feeling of Iceland, in the big warm blue pool with a ice cold beer.