BLCKSNDSxOlympus on iceland Day 2

We had just arrived in Reykjavík, we got some sleet, but when we woke again, the landscape was change, it had snowden during the night.

Then there was the opportunity to get a completely different type of images today, we started the day with a fast photoshoot of the beautiful church in Reykjavík. After the shoot we went to the south east, up the side of Iceland to se the water and the mountains.

Here we got to see a lot of things, from hot springs to the beautiful Icelandic horses, and some of the group members has fallen in love with, it was love at first site :P
The day was almost over and we were heading towards the next hotel, we went just past a very famous aircraft that are far out in nowhere.
But just as we came in on the plane, the northern lights started one hell of a show. I've has never seen anything so beautiful from mother nature side before, this was one of the things I just had to experience on this trip. 

And man it was the best thing, take a look and you know.