SONY RX100 Mark III Is my new friend

To make a loooonngg story short, i needed a small compact camera what did not make me go down on gear. I have been looking for this camera for about 3 months now, i have never had a sony in my life, and did not think that is was going to get one soon. I am a canon guy, and for 1 reason, i like the software and the way the it is set up. for me great software is key to a good product. And i was looking in to find me a Canon Compact Camera. But it never came, i was hoping to get the new Canon whit a great view finder, but the only one that fits in a pocket ad the moment is the G16 from canon. But the view is shit, but the camera is great. Then one day i got a look in a sony shop window to se some of the cameras, and i got a look at the Sony RX100 Mark III, it fits all my needs and works like a treat. I want make a video about how it works and what great features it has, i will instead show a great video review on the camera. Have a great day and great shooting.