Berlin a city many have been to before me, it is the city that you get to school, whether it is primary or secondary school. but I've never been one here before, in this huge city, which for me is a mixture of London, Paris and little old russia in a big mix.

Her you see the new building from the west and old buildings from the east. some look good from the outside, others when you get into them have never gotten a hand since they were built.

I had to stay 3 nights at All In Hostel on Grunberger Strasse, very good hostel if you should come by berlin at a time here in Friedrichshain was not so touristy, but you could see its tracks.

I was over these days a trip to tempelhof airport and see the big runway, but otherwise I had nothing I just had to see. I will when I'm out and travel, also see the city as it comes to me.

So here is the firs part of my trip to berlin.