New York Day 1

This is my first travel to the US ever, and i was just the best time of my traveling life.The trip was a school trip, but but but i my spare time when i got some time to walk around, i did.I cant show you guys all of new york in 1 blog news, so this i the first of 5 parts + a Timelaps ind the end.

Hope to go again some time to see more of the US, and to bike the city. (i did not get my bike whit me)

  Wating time in the airport of CPH

 The tip of Greenland

 New York in sight after 9 houres travel time

 Morning 5 am - just a bit jacklag

 Cool old American car

 Not a great pic but love the slogan "Meat Whithout Feet"

 One of the many but small bike lanes in New York

 Centrail Station

And the first morning i the USA Timelaps. Look forward to Next part of pictures in the next 5 days.