In the making on a BLUE VAN

I was contacted by the lead singer of the band The blue van, I had the weekend before shot a few pictures of them at DTU school in Lyngby.

They wanted to know if I would come to the studio and shoot a few pictures of them while they recorded some songs to there new album, it is expected in the course of next year


So Saturday morning went to the northwest to the study STC, where they would record.

I had never been in a music studio befor, so I was starting from scratch when it came to the knowledge of how to make an album. 

But i had a great time whit the guys, and it was fun hearing how quietly it was to get a hit and a conclusion, but then after a drunken night you can change the whole songs, but still end up with something completely new and perhaps even better.

This just goes to say "A Painting Isn't Finished with the Last Brushstroke" and i know, i can look at a photo a long time and the change the hole thing.

A Photographer's Best Friend